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HD Clone

Use an effective program to protect the data on your HD avoiding losses on your computer. Know the best program for HD Clone .

Intended for those working in IT, business users or common program for HD Clone is a backup and restore the system image creating and restoring the network, HD, USB drive, local partitions, which creates safety and practicality in maintaining your networked computers. With the program for HD Clone , their computers are free from damage caused by viruses, unwanted programs and other settings, using an image from the initial state, in perfect working order, which can be restored at any time with high performance and complete security.

Another feature of the program to HD Clone is Smart Copy, which creates a compressed image of a computer, only the data from the HD, not the whole drive. It supports various file systems and works on both 32 and 64 bits.

To simplify the work of IT Acronus Software developed three solutions to Clone HD . See below for details on each one and choose which solution best fits your reality:

1-) ARecover Clonezilla ( Ubuntu Light )
2-) ARecover WinPE ( Windows )
3-) AClone Server ( Ubuntu + Clonezilla Server )


ARecover Clonezilla ( Ubuntu Light )

The goal of this solution is a tool to be very simple and practical, and can clone Windows, Linux and MAC OS. Saving or restoring the entire disk of the PC or MAC on a network folder .

In this solution we are working within Acronus Ubuntu LXDE on a bootable CD and it can map a network folder and thus save or restore an entire disk images. We can clone computers (Windows and / or Linux) and Mac OS (all versions, Snow Lion, Mountain Lion, Bootcamp + Windows). Below follows the ISO to be burned to a CD-Rom or DVD-Rom (can use Recorder Windows Disc Image or any other burning software):

Watch the video

Watch the video

See pictures of this solution:

Tips: When you share a folder in Windows do not use special characters or spaces. If you do not know how to share a folder, click the links below:
Windows 7
Windows XP

How to burn ISO file Acronus Restorer?

ARecover WinPE ( Windows )

The goal of this solution is to be a complete tool solutions in Windows, and can clone partitions (to a network folder, a pen drive, external hard drive or another partition / hard drive of the computer), create / delete partitions, your differential is: put Power Acronus boot in the restorer of the operating system, removing the need for lugging CDs or flash drives to boot all sides.

In this solution we have Acronus working within Windows PE boot to a CD, flash drive or boot from the Windows boot and it can save or restore images from a partition on a USB drive, external hard drive, or another partition or even HD a shared folder on the network. We can clone Windows computers only.
Below follows the ISO to be burned to a CD-Rom or DVD-Rom (you can use the Disc Image Burner Windows or any other burning software):

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See pictures of this solution:


AClone Server ( Ubuntu + Clonezilla Server )

The program for HD Clone performs the cloning of dozens of computers at breakneck speed.

The program for HD Clone module has AClone Remote Multiplatform, that clones with high performance computers (whole disk or just certain partitions). The module for HD Clone creates image and then restore to the other computers in the room. With this module for HD Clone is possible to create an ideal image of a computer with all the software needed for day to day and its updates after this shoot to other computers in the room, which dramatically reduces the time format of computers and installation of software.

The program for HD Clone has the functionality Multicast, which triggers the computer image into dozens of computers on the network at high speed. That is, a data packet will also be defined for all computers on the network and synchronously. If the switch / router network does not support multicast, we have options for sending unicast or broadcast.

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After downloading the ISO file using major program of Windows 7 or any other software like Nero, ...

Once you configure the computer (the image to be saved or restored) to give boot from CD-ROM and start the program so Acronus ARecover (Clonezilla or Windows).


The AClone Multiplatform Remote can restore various types of partition Windows, Mac or Linux, but must be installed on a Linux server.

After downloading you must create
a new partition, dedicate a computer to function as a server restore or install in a virtual machine.